Norbury, Cheshire, England


Latitude: 53.0234, Longitude: -2.6515


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 de Hyde, John I  Abt 1245Norbury, Cheshire, England I6066
2 de Hyde, John II  Abt 1271Norbury, Cheshire, England I6070
3 de Hyde, John III  Abt 1307Norbury, Cheshire, England I19725
4 de Hyde, John  Abt 1335Norbury, Cheshire, England I12310
5 de Hyde, John  Abt 1355Norbury, Cheshire, England I6054
6 de Hyde, Robert I  Abt 1303Norbury, Cheshire, England I6072
7 de Hyde, Robert II  Abt 1329Norbury, Cheshire, England I6143
8 de Hyde, Robert III  Abt 1357Norbury, Cheshire, England I12311
9 de Hyde, Willam  Abt 1331Norbury, Cheshire, England I12309
10 Holland, Richard  Abt 1581Norbury, Cheshire, England I8997
11 Huyde, Ellen  Abt 1473Norbury, Cheshire, England I26887
12 Hyde  Abt 1467Norbury, Cheshire, England I10494
13 Hyde  Abt 1475Norbury, Cheshire, England I26888
14 Hyde, Agnes  Abt 1495Norbury, Cheshire, England I26892
15 Hyde, Alexander  Abt 1247Norbury, Cheshire, England I12344
16 Hyde, Anne  Abt 1561Norbury, Cheshire, England I8982
17 Hyde, Beatrice  Abt 1573Norbury, Cheshire, England I8962
18 Hyde, Dorothy  Abt 1557Norbury, Cheshire, England I8977
19 Hyde, Edward  1549Norbury, Cheshire, England I8978
20 Hyde, Ellen  Abt 1561Norbury, Cheshire, England I8983
21 Hyde, Emma  Abt 1249Norbury, Cheshire, England I12315
22 Hyde, Giles Egidius  Abt 1477Norbury, Cheshire, England I26889
23 Hyde, Hamnet  Abt 1381Norbury, Cheshire, England I6056
24 Hyde, Hamnet  1491Norbury, Cheshire, England I6049
25 Hyde, Hamnet  Abt 1545Norbury, Cheshire, England I8974
26 Hyde, Hugh  Abt 1308Norbury, Cheshire, England I12317
27 Hyde, Jane  Abt 1566Norbury, Cheshire, England I8959
28 Hyde, Joan  Abt 1461Norbury, Cheshire, England I10495
29 Hyde, John  Abt 1407Norbury, Cheshire, England I26789
30 Hyde, John  Abt 1493Norbury, Cheshire, England I26891
31 Hyde, Katherine  Abt 1526Norbury, Cheshire, England I8985
32 Hyde, Laurence  1511Norbury, Cheshire, England I31898
33 Hyde, Laurence  Abt 1525Norbury, Cheshire, England I8984
34 Hyde, Margery  Abt 1310Norbury, Cheshire, England I12316
35 Hyde, Ralph  Abt 1305Norbury, Cheshire, England I19726
36 Hyde, Randall  Abt 1555Norbury, Cheshire, England I8981
37 Hyde, Richard  Abt 1249Norbury, Cheshire, England I12314
38 Hyde, Richard  Abt 1273Norbury, Cheshire, England I19728
39 Hyde, Richard  Abt 1553Norbury, Cheshire, England I8980
40 Hyde, Robert of Norbury and Half Hyde  Abt 1465Norbury, Cheshire, England I32027
41 Hyde, Robert I  1523Norbury, Cheshire, England I6041
42 Hyde, Roger  Abt 1299Norbury, Cheshire, England I8923
43 Hyde, Thomas I  1439Norbury, Cheshire, England I6058
44 Hyde, Thomas II  Abt 1479Norbury, Cheshire, England I26890
45 Hyde, Thomas  1563Norbury, Cheshire, England I8979
46 Hyde, William  Abt 1275Norbury, Cheshire, England I19727
47 Hyde, William  Abt 1301Norbury, Cheshire, England I8924
48 Hyde, William  Abt 1547Norbury, Cheshire, England I8976
49 Hyde, William I  Abt 1569Norbury, Cheshire, England I9003
50 Straingewaies  Abt 1526Norbury, Cheshire, England I8964


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davenport, Jane  1566Norbury, Cheshire, England I6042
2 de Hyde, John  1460Norbury, Cheshire, England I6054
3 de Massey, Matild  1459Norbury, Cheshire, England I6055
4 Hyde, Anne  1660Norbury, Cheshire, England I8982
5 Hyde, Ellen  1630Norbury, Cheshire, England I8983
6 Hyde, Hamnet  1439Norbury, Cheshire, England I6056
7 Hyde, Hamnet  1530Norbury, Cheshire, England I6049
8 Hyde, Richard  1560Norbury, Cheshire, England I8980
9 Hyde, Robert I  17 Jan 1571Norbury, Cheshire, England I6041
10 Hyde, Thomas I  1523Norbury, Cheshire, England I6058


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hyde, Robert I  1571Norbury, Cheshire, England I6041


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Hyde / Staveley  Abt 1354Norbury, Cheshire, England F2176
2 Frodsham / Hyde  1592Norbury, Cheshire, England F3246
3 Gore / Hyde  Abt 1605Norbury, Cheshire, England F3253
4 Hulton / Hyde  Abt 1610Norbury, Cheshire, England F3254
5 Hyde / Kynveton  Abt 1464Norbury, Cheshire, England F2200
6 Joyce / Hyde  Abt 1598Norbury, Cheshire, England F3248
7 Nowell / Hyde  Abt 1612Norbury, Cheshire, England F3255
8 Nuthall / Hyde  Abt 1600Norbury, Cheshire, England F3242
9 Radcliffe / Hyde  Abt 1614Norbury, Cheshire, England F3256
10 Straingewaies / Hyde  Abt 1548Norbury, Cheshire, England F3247