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Welcome to my Home Page. This site embraces my family tree. I have fashioned my links based on our principal ancestors that arrived in North America from their home lands. As I discover more surnames, I will integrate their pages.

If you see someone you recognize, let me know. If you have information on someone, please share it with me. I have a lot of material on the Laughlen, Davy, Glendinning, Hyde and Thomson lines, but the Burgess and Scrivens lines need additional work. Please note that some pages are very large and take time to load.

I am not presently undertaking any researching, as I am trying to catching up on emails and modernizing the web site.

The full works of Dr. E. Ross Laughlin published in 1955, is now incorporated in my Laughlen line. I have strained to source what I have been able to, but most of this material was collected by letter and interview and would of been lost forever, if it wasn't transcribed and shared by Dr. Laughlin. (Boy was that a lot of work)

When time permits, I am inputting and sourcing the complete works of Hyde Genealogy, by Reuben Hyde Walworth published in 1864. I am contemplating of incorporating the works of Ethel MacPherson. Ethel published her book "Descendants of David and Mary Thomson" in 1958.

If you reproduce this material, please link the transcripts and sources back to, so we can have an updated version of our family tree. 

Enjoy your voyage into my past, possibly you will discover some of yours. I am starting to believe we are all interconnected :} Please Email me and let me know if you discovered something or have additional information to enhance our tree. I retain all updates and exchanges on file and one day someone you're looking for will possibly email me.

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Please Note: Over the years many family members have offered support with the never ending cost of this family tree, (web hosting, documentation etc.), and I have always declined. But as this project continues to develop and our desire to have documentation on what we can, I have decided to change my mind. I will always endeavor to share the information about our ancestors with you. With your updates and support; this evolving family tree will live forever.